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796. Mentally fucked forever

796. Mentally fucked forever. Weak and vulnerable subjects are easily detectable and very manipulable. Look at you, that cock speaks for you when she gets hard with my presence. You know that’s because that cock Leer más…

795. Fucked by Bentley

795. Fucked by Bentley. Today MY cock is ready to give Me everything, it is very hard and in need of its dose of Bentley Today MY cock is pulling, aching and needing its owner Leer más…

794. Im your porn

794. Im your porn. You are addicted. You need goon all the time. You cant stop. Goon makes you feel the life. PORN is YOUR ONLY sex. STOPPING makes the pleasure ends. You want just Leer más…

793. Taste it

793. Taste it. Today your life is going to change. Today you are going to put your semen in your mouth, you are going to taste it, you are going to eat it and you Leer más…

792. Neurons loss race

792. Neurons loss race. Welcome to the neuron loss race, where whoever pumps their dick the fastest and gets pumped the most times will lose the most neurons and be the winner and my new Leer más…

791. Go broke for Bentley

791. Go broke for Bentley. Today is another wonderful day where you can’t get me out of your head. I’m already inserted deep into you. When you think of me you get hard When you Leer más…

790. Mentalgasm

790. Mentalgasm. MENTALGASM or how to feel an orgasm without using any type of physical stimulation. Are you ready to feel it? It is enough to have me in front of you to activate your Leer más…

789. One Month Gooning Day 14

789. One Month Gooning Day 14. DAY 14: With a totally empty mind and without thoughts you feel more mine than ever. You are a reprogrammed bot swallowing my smoke, feeling Me inside him stealing Leer más…

788. Goonaholic

788. Goonaholic. Here comes the exhaustive and rhythmic training that every gooner needs. Raise your ability to resist jerking off at an intensive rate to the maximum power, prolonging the pleasure more and more while Leer más…

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