789. One Month Gooning Day 14.

DAY 14:
With a totally empty mind and without thoughts you feel more mine than ever. You are a reprogrammed bot swallowing my smoke, feeling Me inside him stealing his neurons and leaving him senseless.Submerged in this pleaser spiral gooning to MY Big Black Cock, WITHOUT STOP. Lets raise the level of edging, dripping and mindmelting Goon experience

Exciting! day 14 of a whole month of gooning therapy-fantasy that will transform you into a chronic brainless mindless gooner
Immerse yourself in this intensive month of goon therapy-fantasy.
A complete and no return reprogramming that is essential for a weak boy like you.

The most epic transformation of your life that will open the way to the pleasant subspace.

           Duracion: 10 minutos.

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