739. Sweat Slave (english audio)

739. Sweat Slave (english audio). You’re just a beta loser. Make me happy fulfilling my commands and be grateful that. A let you be a slave to my sweat.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

738. Vintage Smoking Fetish

738. Vintage Smoking Fetish. Your brain stops working when you see your Goddess smoke.            Duracion: 7 minutos.

737. Ripoff or not 5

737. Ripoff or not 5. Will it be ripoff or not? To find out, you have to gamble.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

736. Goon for pixels

736. Goon for pixels. Enjoy the pixel porn that you deserve, the porn you like, the porn you want. So addicted to pump your pathetic cock, so stupid, so loser… Dont stop, goon more for me, destroy yourself more for me, continue with your wanks worshiping the pixels that you Leer más…

735. Ripoff or not 4

735. Ripoff or not 4. Will it be ripoff or not? To find out, you have to gamble.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

734. Stroke and cum for feet (english audio)

734. Stroke and cum for feet (english audio). It is clear that your biggest fetish is my feet, without them your life is meaningless. You only think about jerking off and cumming for them.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

733. Gooning for life (english audio)

733. Gooning for life (english audio). Are you a chronic wanker and an incel pussy free hand fucker? If your answer is yes this is for you. Your destiny is to have a pathetic gooning life.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

732. Feet loser humiliation CEI (audio español)

732. Feet loser humiliation CEI (audio español). No eres mas que un patetico folla manos. Tu lugar esta por debajo de las plantas de mis pies. Follate el suelo y cometelo todo mientras te recuerdo lo degenerado que eres.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

731. Ripoff or not 3

731. Ripoff or not 3. Will it be ripoff or not? To find out, you have to gamble.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

730. Cock addict (english audio)

730. Cock addict (english audio). I fuck you up to your throat … I bust your ass … I won’t show an iota of mercy. You are no longer the little man you were, now you are my bitch            Duracion: 10 minutos.

729. Ripoff or not 2

729. Ripoff or not 2. Will it be ripoff or not? To find out, you have to gamble.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

728. Full nude pixels

728. Full nude pixels. Este es tu porno. Perdedor.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

727. Mindfuck tits junkie (english audio)

727. Mindfuck tits junkie (english audio). An obsession that constantly haunts your head is being able to worship your Goddess’s tits. That thought does not let you think of anything else. When you have them in front of you, your way of thinking changes and your brain concentrates only on Leer más…

726. Total Ripoff

726. Total Ripoff. What would you do to see me naked? Show me how much of a loser you are by feeling totally ripped off.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

725. Middle finger JOI (english audio)

725. Middle finger JOI (english audio). Only and exclusively for betas. Please don’t buy it if you are not.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

724. Middle finger JOI (audio español)

724. Middle finger JOI (audio español). Unica y exclusivamente para betas. No lo compres si no lo eres.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

723. Smoking ignoring

723. Smoking ignoring. Feel lucky to be able to enjoy your daily humiliation beta dose. In this ignore session your pathos will be magnified: you will be ignored as you like it and you will beg to eat my ashes.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

722. Tease and denial keyholder (audio español)

722. Tease and denial keyholder (audio español). Provocarte mientras te tengo encerrado es lo más divertido. Sufre gratamente por tu keyholder. Demuestra que me mereces.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

721. Ripoff or not (english audio)

721. Ripoff or not (english audio). Can you worship my asshole or not? Prove unsuccessful luck.            Duracion: 5 minutos.

720. Undo my pixels (english audio)

720. Undo my pixels (english audio). Now you have to show yourself how beta you are. Undo the pixels by paying like a real loser. Learn the lesson of your life beta loser: Degenerates and perverts like you always pay dearly for what is easily accessible to others. Pay and Leer más…

719. Deshaz mis pixeles (audio español)

719. Deshaz mis pixeles (audio español). Ahora has de demostrarte a ti mismo lo beta que eres. Deshaz los pixeles pagando como un autentico perdedor. Aprende la leccion de tu vida beta loser: Los degenerados y pervertidos como tu siempre pagan muy caro lo que para otros es facilmente accesible. Leer más…

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