823. MENTALLY FUCKED FOREVER 2. Weak and vulnerable subjects are easily detectable and very manipulable. Look at you, that cock speaks for you when she gets hard with my presence. You know that’s because that cock belongs to me, right? If I handle that dick I handle your life and Leer más…


822. ABSOLUTE GOONER REPROGRAMMING. I know you can only get hard with Me. So much so that I have become your fetish, your porn and your only sexuality. Every time you watch one of my videos your mind goes blank and your hand sticks to that weak cock automatically. It Leer más…


820. MAGNETITS DEEP GOONING . My big and perfect tits are a magnet for you. My MAGNETITS transform you into a static specimen without neurons and the only thing you can do is let yourself be carried away by Me while you drool non-stop. Eternal pump for my MAGNETITS. Keep Leer más…


819. ABSOLUTE REPROGRAMMING INDUCTION . With this Absolute Reprogramming Induction you will feel more addicted to ME. Helpless, obedient to my words and feeling My true control in every cell of your being. You won’t know how it happened, but you will need more of my voice and control forever. Leer más…


816. GOON TITS OVERDOSE . Hey titty gooner do you want boobs? take boobs! take a good OVERDOSE of MY perfect boobs! boobs boobs boobs, you only think about my BIG boobs… blank mind ….. goon looping until you lose consciousness and soul. Goon for my tits until you’re retarded Leer más…


815. TITTY FINDOM JOI . My tits, my voice and my orders penetrate your mind and you have no escape. You cannot think, you are paralyzed and in a rush of PLEASURE. Obey Me, jerk for Me, drip for Me…. mindfucked and broke for Me….It will feel so so good Leer más…


810. EXPENSIVE JOI . Enjoy the most expensive and pleasurable JOI of your life. The more you stroke , the more you will pay and the more you will please ME. Get that «good boy» you want so much…            Duracion: 10 minutos.


808. BENTLEY MONEY TAKERS . Pay to worship my big fake tits while I mesmerize you and increase your Bentley obsession            Duracion: 10 minutos.


804. PAY MY TITS . Pay to worship my big fake tits while I mesmerize you and increase your Bentley obsession            Duracion: 10 minutos.


802. BRAIN DRAIN . I make you hard, horny and willing to give ME everything. It’s time to take advantage of your weaknesses, that you feel the Bentley blessing. It’s time to start draining everything.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

795. Fucked by Bentley

795. Fucked by Bentley. Today MY cock is ready to give Me everything, it is very hard and in need of its dose of Bentley Today MY cock is pulling, aching and needing its owner Today MY cock will start pumping and that mindless bot will learn what to send Leer más…

791. Go broke for Bentley

791. Go broke for Bentley. Today is another wonderful day where you can’t get me out of your head. I’m already inserted deep into you. When you think of me you get hard When you press play on my clip your hand goes straight to this hard cock When you Leer más…

762. Mindless reprogramming (english audio)

762. Mindless reprogramming (english audio). Blank brain. mindless for me. Don’t think, just worship me, just listen to me. My words enter your mind until they melt completely and finally they are implanted in your brain for ever… Becoming my drone, sending without stopping with a single snap of my Leer más…

759. Mesmerizing big tits drainers (english audio)

759. Mesmerizing big tits drainers (english audio). Worship, get stupid and send.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

753. Gooning drooling and paying (english audio)

753. Gooning drooling and paying (english audio) The gooner life cycle never ends. Constantly pumping your miserable cock like the rejected outcast that you are. You look at me on a screen and although you will never have me, you are grateful that an unreachable Goddess dedicates some real and Leer más…

750. Blank brain

750. Blank brain. Brain thinking is overrated and I mean it you don’t assume you’ll know soon. You’ll realize exactly how good it feels to be blank, mindless, empty and reprogrammed to be mine.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

701. Findom triggers bikini (english audio)

701. Findom triggers bikini (english audio). Sending money to me is your best sex. Sending all your money to Goddess Bentley is your new sexlife.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

700. Findom triggers topless (english audio)

700. Findom triggers topless (english audio). I always get what I want. I train your subconscious. I have the necessary triggers to make you mine. From now on I will be your only priority and your greatest desire will be to please me every day of your life.     Leer más…

681. Exposed and blackmailed Interactive (english audio)

681. Exposed and blackmailed Interactive (english audio). It makes you very hard reading the title of this video. You feel weak and cannot resist. Buy it now and let the game begin.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

680. Expuesto y chantajeado Interactivo (audio español)

680. Expuesto y chantajeado Interactivo (audio español). Se te pone muy dura leyendo el titulo de este video. Te sientes debil y no puedes resistirte. Compralo ahora y que empiece el juego.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

679. Bankrupt gooner *** Explicit video*** (english audio)

679. Bankrupt gooner *** Explicit video*** (english audio). My tits melting your brain, my words leaving you without will, Goon, stroke, get blank, goon, stroke and edge for me, goon, stroke, send me all, goon, stroke, empty your bank account … and repeat, repeat until you bankrupt. **** Censored for Leer más…

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