637. Real loser test (English audio)

637. Real loser test (English audio). I love true losers. I enjoy humiliating them, laughing at them, taking advantage of them … The question is: Are you a real loser? I’m sure you will do whatever it takes to show me that you are.            Duracion: Leer más…

635. Loser Experience (English audio)

635. Loser Experience (English audio). My images and my voice will be inserted in your brain forever. Accept your reality: you are a loser. *** The use of headphones is essential ***            Duracion: 10 minutos.

632. Smoking Fetish JOI (English audio)

632. Smoking Fetish JOI (English audio). I smoke, you get excited. I order you obey. Your cock and your orgasms are mine.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

630. Sexual Fantasy JOI (English audio)

630. Sexual Fantasy JOI (English audio). I am your Goddess, your sexual fantasy. You can’t get me out of your head, you can’t get me out of your mind …            Duracion: 10 minutos.

628. Mindfuck JOI Countdown (English audio)

628. Mindfuck JOI Countdown (English audio). You are mine. Obey me. Stroke for me.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

627. Booty Addiction(English audio)

627. Booty Addiction(English audio). Warning: If you buy this clip you will be my booty addict for life.            Duracion: 7 minutos.

626. 10 strokes JOI CEI

626. 10 strokes JOI CEI (English audio). Lose control worshiping my perfect tits. You will become so weak that you will cum with 10 strokes and licks and swallow your semen.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

625. Toxic vaping Findom

625. Toxic vaping Findom. I poison you every time you breathe my smoke. You cannot escape my command. You send and you ruin for me. You are my drone.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

618. JOI oily Big Tits (english audio)

618. JOI oily Big Tits (english audio). Jerk off instructions, oil, big tits, tease, edging and countdown … I am your owner, you are mine.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

606. Psychedelic gooner trip

606. Psychedelic gooner trip. Pajero asqueroso te vas a quedar mas retrasado de lo que estas cuando veas este video.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

597. Mesmerized with my big ass

597. Mesmerized with my big ass. Sientate comodamente, apaga las luces y ponte los auriculares para ver este video. Seras persuadido por mi gran culo, desde ese momento no podras pensar absolutamente en nada mas que en mi.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

589. Ripoff fuck u pay me (English audio)

589. Ripoff fuck u pay me (English audio). You love my ripoffs buy this one too.            Duracion: 2 minutos.

550. Ripoff perfect pussy car

550. Ripoff perfect pussy car. Disfruta como un tonto.            Duracion: x minutos.

549. Ripoff big tits car

549. Ripoff big tits car. Disfruta como un tonto.            Duracion: x minutos.

527. JOI gloves and oil (English audio)

527. JOI gloves and oil (English audio). Are you ready to follow my instructions? You can hardly contain yourself, when you think you can no longer let you cum. But in what way?            Duracion: 10 minutos.

521. Ignored smoking tits (no audio)

521. Ignored smoking tits (no audio). Paso de ti…            Duracion: 3 minutos.

519. Ripoff pussy and tits (English audio)

519. Ripoff pussy and tits (English audio). You want to see your Goddess naked, right?            Duracion: 3 minutos.

511. Hypno Fantasy (English audio)

511. Hypno Fantasy (English audio). My voice and my body hypnotize you … After this video you will never be the same as before.            Duracion: 7 minutos.

509. Worship and send (English audio)

509. Worship and send (English audio). Pay to have the great honor of worshiping me.            Duracion: 3 minutos.

505. Dirty human ashtray (English audio)

505. Dirty human ashtray (English audio). Te tratare como mi sucio cenicero humano.            Duracion: 15 minutos.

497. Ripoff Findom (English audio)

497. Ripoff Findom (English audio). You lose, you pay … You lose, you pay … You lose, you pay … Your life is a loop.            Duracion: 2 minutos.

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