713. JOI feet countdown orgasm denied (english audio)

713. JOI feet countdown orgasm denied (english audio). You are obsessed with my feet, adore them … lick them … follow my instructions and … Fuck you, because I’m not going to let you finish so that you continue to adore them in a loop for life.       Leer más…

712. JOI feet countdown orgasm denied (audio español)

712. JOI feet countdown orgasm denied (audio español). Estas obsesionado con mis pies, adoralos… lamelos… sigue mis instrucciones y… Te jodes, porque no te voy a dejar acabar para que sigas adorandolos en bucle de por vida.            Duracion: 12 minutos.

710. JOI encouraged bi (English audio)

710. JOI encouraged bi (English audio). I know your darkest secret. I know you dream of big cocks fucking all your holes. I will help you accept reality. You get horny worshiping my BBC. You jerk off and cum like a bitch for my BBC. Accept it, you are bi Leer más…

707. Tease and denial keyholder (English audio)

707. Tease and denial keyholder (English audio). Teasing you while I have you locked up is the most fun. Suffer pleasantly for your keyholder. Show that you deserve me.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

704. Follasuelas JOI CEI

704. Follasuelas JOI CEI. Babeas por mis zapatillas, suplicas por lamer sus suelas… ¿Quieres probarlas? Jajajja!! tendras que hacerlo como yo te ordene.            Duracion: 7 minutos.

702. Boot Fetish JOI CEI (English audio)

702. Boot Fetish JOI CEI (English audio). Today you have the opportunity to show me that you can be a good slave for me. Override your will and obey my perverted orders.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

701. Findom triggers bikini (english audio)

701. Findom triggers bikini (english audio). Sending money to me is your best sex. Sending all your money to Goddess Bentley is your new sexlife.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

700. Findom triggers topless (english audio)

700. Findom triggers topless (english audio). I always get what I want. I train your subconscious. I have the necessary triggers to make you mine. From now on I will be your only priority and your greatest desire will be to please me every day of your life.     Leer más…

699. Suffer human ashtray (english audio)

699. Suffer human ashtray (english audio). Suffer and be happy while I reduce you to nothing. you are my new human ashtray            Duracion: 6 minutos.

698. Sexless triggers (english audio)

698. Sexless triggers (english audio). You are not ready for this but you need it and you know it. I awaken all your most primitive instincts with the most wicked triggers. Every time I snap my fingers you belong more and more to me. Feel the bliss pussyfree loser.   Leer más…

697. Denied for ever (english audio)

697. Denied for ever (english audio). Do you want to touch my tits? LOL!!! You do not deserve it. Do you want to touch my ass? LOL!!! You do not deserve it. Do you want to touch my pussy? LOL!!! You do not deserve it. Do you want to jerk Leer más…

696. Denied for ever (audio español)

696. Denied for ever (audio español). Quieres tocar mis tetas? Jajaja!!! No te lo mereces. Quieres tocar mi culo? Jajaja!!! No te lo mereces. Quieres tocar mi coño? Jajaja!!! No te lo mereces. Quieres pajearte? Jajaja!!! No te lo mereces. Quieres correrte? Jajaja!!! No te lo mereces. FUCK U!!!   Leer más…

692. Evil denied JOI (english audio)

692. Evil denied JOI (english audio). The perfect evil JOI tease & denial that will make you learn that your suffering is my happiness.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

691. Evil denied JOI (audio español)

691. Evil denied JOI (audio español). El perfecto malvado JOI tease & denial que te hará aprender que tu sufrimiento es mi felicidad.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

687. Coerced Fantasy feet (audio español)

687. Coerced Fantasy feet (audio español). Te voy a enseñar lo que es disciplina mientras te amenazo con mis perfectos pies.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

686. Mindfuck CEI addict (english audio)

686. Mindfuck CEI addict (english audio). I provoke you, I order you, I excite you and I fuck your mind until you become addicted to semen. Follow my JOI instructions and beg to lick it all up.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

685. Mindfuck CEI addict (audio español)

685. Mindfuck CEI addict (audio español). Te provoco, te ordeno, te excito y te follo la mente hasta convertirte en un adicto al semen. Sigue mis instrucciones JOI y suplica por lamerlo todo.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

684. Edging Empty Brain (english audio)

684. Edging Empty Brain (english audio). Welcome to the subspace, where you belong, where I fuck your mind, empty it and insert your true beliefs. You were born to make you suffer, edge and edge for me … You love me, you need me, you are my true gooner. You Leer más…

683. Homewrecker Challenge 2 (english audio)

683. Homewrecker Challenge 2 (english audio). You love to keep me happy even if it means putting your relationship at risk. Here you have the second challenge. Will you be able to overcome it for me?            Duracion: 10 minutos.

682. Homewrecker Challenge 2 (audio español)

682. Homewrecker Challenge 2 (audio español). Te encanta tenerme contenta aunque eso suponga poner en riesgo tu relacion. Aqui tienes el segundo reto. ¿Seras capaz de superarlo por mi?            Duracion: 10 minutos.

681. Exposed and blackmailed Interactive (english audio)

681. Exposed and blackmailed Interactive (english audio). It makes you very hard reading the title of this video. You feel weak and cannot resist. Buy it now and let the game begin.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

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