785. Erotic Mind fuck

785. Erotic Mind fuck . I am what you have always looked for and have not yet found. I know perfectly your need to feel that you really belong to someone who knows what he does, someone who knows how to insert himself into you forever. You want to belong Leer más…

779. Dark Desire  (english audio)

779. Dark Desire  (english audio). Enjoy this DELICIOUS nightmare, lose all your senses tu focus only on ME. Soulless, mindless, bodiless, brainless, tasteless, voiceless… I reduce you to nothing, you cease to exist. Just pump that cock… that brain doesnt think , it decomposes in seconds until it is totally Leer más…

759. Mesmerizing big tits drainers (english audio)

759. Mesmerizing big tits drainers (english audio). Worship, get stupid and send.            Duracion: 10 minutos.

684. Edging Empty Brain (english audio)

684. Edging Empty Brain (english audio). Welcome to the subspace, where you belong, where I fuck your mind, empty it and insert your true beliefs. You were born to make you suffer, edge and edge for me … You love me, you need me, you are my true gooner. You Leer más…

608. Tu recaida

608. Tu recaida. No puedes luchar contra tu naturaleza, por mucho que lo intentes siempre acabas en tu lugar. Eres mio.            Duracion: 15 minutos.

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